Legacy Financial Planning

SEIA’s Legacy financial plan is a more comprehensive financial plan than the Classic financial plan. Legacy plans provide enhanced detail on each financial goal, with access to customized planning scenarios, built to address specific fears and risks to a client’s financial well-being. An online wealth management portal provides private, real-time access to net worth updates, consolidated investment analysis and financial goal progress. This is a one-time engagement. The client monitors the portal and makes online updates to the data.

Building on the Legacy financial plan, the On-Going Legacy financial plan takes an active planning approach. This includes proactive alerts to changes to a client’s financial position, live goal monitoring and annual plan updates to ensure the client is on track towards their overall goals as life changes occur. In this continuous service, the client will meet with his/her financial advisor yearly to discuss all aspects of the plan, update the client’s financial position and restate goals. This requires engagement in either the Signature Elite or Signature Allocation Series services.