SEIA utilizes custodial services at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. and Fidelity Investments to help individuals pursue their investment objectives. Attuned to the comprehensive character of this strategic task, SEIA provides clients with a menu of opportunities to meet their financial needs and objectives in accordance with the client’s risk tolerance.

Investment Management

Successful investment management integrates expertise in portfolio management and trading as well as objective advice. A six-step process is designed to help ensure that financial goals are met:

  1. Determine investor needs and objectives.
  2. Assess risk tolerance and investor suitability.
  3. Review asset allocation and investment styles.
  4. Implement a strategic plan.
  5. Rebalance and monitor portfolio.
  6. Comprehensively report the results.

Specifically, SEIA’s investment management services include the following options:

Financial Planning

SEIA financial planning services include a careful review of the client’s financial position, stated financial goals and long-term objectives. Advisors offer planning for financial assets, insurance, estate strategies and corporate benefits as well as cater to philanthropic management. Service types include:

Investment Consulting

SEIA’s investment consulting services involve management of the client’s investment accounts. Although this service also incorporates the six-step process used in our investment management services, client portfolios are reviewed on a quarterly basis, rather than a continual basis. SEIA provides clients with quarterly reports and recommendations for an appropriate investment strategy.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Certain SEIA advisors provide retirement plan consulting for the purpose of providing retirement income, based on generally accepted investment theories and prevailing industry standards. Services are composed of two types: fiduciary and non-fiduciary services. These are available as one-time limited engagements or as on-going services.