Q. Can you describe the organizational structure in more detail?

A. With our organizational structure being very flat, this affords tremendous opportunity for each employee to be empowered in their roles. Each employee is expected to take ownership of their duties, finding ways to improve efficiency and be a champion of change. Positions are not focused on “checking off a list of tasks”, but rather in utilizing forward-thinking to enable the position to keep up with the high growth rate we face year over year.

Q. What are some of the benefits offered in your wellness program?

A. Some of the wellness benefits include fruit and healthy snacks, chair massages, occasional catered lunches, hosted nutritional speakers, and numerous events to relax and enjoy with your fellow coworkers. Some office locations are also equipped with an on-site fitness center.

Q. What options are there for health insurance?

A. We provide an extensive list of health plan options with a large portion of your health insurance premium paid by the company. Additionally, we offer fully paid dental and vision insurance as well as an optional Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plan.

Q. How much time do we get off each year?

A. All employees enjoy 11 paid days off as well as many other half-days throughout the year. In addition, each employee receives vacation and sick leave.

Q. Can you tell me more about the company culture?

A. SEIA is not your traditional financial firm. And there is a reason why we have so many employees with over 10 years of service. Our employees genuinely and sincerely like one another and many great relationships have been forged here. We even consistently get visited by former employees which shows how special of a place this was and is, even if you don’t retire here.

Q. How many hours do we work each week?

A. As part of providing a balanced work-life, SEIA feels that 37.5 hours a week should suffice to get the job done.

Q. If I want to work towards achieving my Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP) certification, for example, will the firm assist me with the expenses?

A. Definitely. We proudly support and encourage financial education by reimbursing employees for industry licenses and designations. Additionally, we are an RIA sponsor of the CFP Board’s Center for Financial Planning.

Q. Your careers page mentions “Philanthropic” as a benefit of working at the firm, what does that encompass?

A. Philanthropy is a longstanding pillar for our employees and we are committed to giving back. So we encourage those who are passionate about specific charities, programs, etc. by giving each employee a number of days to utilize for volunteering and giving back. Additionally, we match all donations to our three designated children’s charities: A Place Called Home, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and Toberman Neighborhood Center.

Q. What about parking and other commuter benefits?

A. Sadly, there are still companies that do not pay for employees to park onsite. We do! Or if you prefer ridesharing or public transit, there are also incentives for those as well.

Q. Do you offer retirement benefits?

A. Our 401k has a generous match with the employer contributions being immediately 100% vested.