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Private Client Group Newsletter Q3

Signature Fund for Giving

Philanthropy in Action (SEIA’s $1,000,000 Gift)

From the founding of our firm to present day, philanthropy has been deeply embedded in SEIA’s organizational DNA. In fact, giving back was one of the unifying reasons that first brought us together – the desire to pool our resources in support of children’s causes.

There’s a famous Winston Churchill quote which states, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” And to that end, last month we were pleased to announce a $1 million gift from our founding and managing senior partners to the Signature Fund for Giving (SFFG)—the charitable foundation we established to help support local underserved youth who represent tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

“Our firm has a long history of giving,” notes Brian Holmes, President/CEO. “We created the Signature Fund for Giving to pool our resources in support of the community – knowing that we could make a much bigger impact collectively than we ever could individually. This million-dollar pledge from our partners reaffirms that commitment. We’re delighted that, as the business has grown, our philanthropic efforts have been able to follow suit.”

Through supporting organizations such as A Place Called Home, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and Second Story, SFFG helps encourage and uplift local youth who represent tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.

We are continually inspired by the partners, advisors and employees at our firm who donate both their time and financial resources to make this world a better place for others.


To our Million Dollar Gift Participants

Brian D. Holmes, Gary K. Liska, Mark Copeland, Paul Taghibagi, Vince DiLeva, Theodore E. Saade & Jennifer Kim


If you have any questions regarding our fund or how to participate, we invite you to contact Hayley Wood Bates at 310-712-2323 or