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Market Commentary|Mar 2020

The Fed and the Department of Public Works

Market Commentary|Mar 2020

Life Lessons Transcend School and Sports

Market Commentary|Mar 2020

Greed vs Fear

Market Commentary|Mar 2020

Coronavirus Update

Market Commentary|Feb 2020

Negative and Less than Zero II

Market Commentary|Feb 2020

Dow Jones Drops 1,031 Points!

Market Commentary|Dec 2019

Picking Your Spots in Fixed Income

Market Commentary|Jul 2019

Avoiding the Tax Tail Trap

Market Commentary|Dec 2018

The Low Hanging Fruit Has Been Plucked

Market Commentary|Dec 2018

Holiday Wish List

Market Commentary|Oct 2018

Dow Jones drops 831 points!

Market Commentary|Oct 2018

Q3: Raging vs Aging Bull

Market Commentary|May 2018

2018: The Sum of All Fears

Market Commentary|Apr 2018

Intra-Quarter Update

Market Commentary|Jan 2018

The New Tax Law: Winners and Losers

Market Commentary|Dec 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Investors

Market Commentary|Aug 2016

U.S. Real Estate: All Grown Up

Market Commentary|Jun 2016

Britain’s Independence Day?

Market Commentary|May 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Market Commentary|Apr 2016

Sunnier Days

Market Commentary|Mar 2016

The End of Fiscal Austerity

Market Commentary|Feb 2016

2016: Fear Trumps Fundamentals

Market Commentary|Aug 2015

Like Any Summer Squall, This Too Shall Pass

Market Commentary|Feb 2015

Crude Oil